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    The summer can prove to be an expensive time when it comes to cooling your home. Most people in warmer climates have some form of AC in their home be it a portable AC, a window unit, or even central air. There are many different versions but having the right one can save you money ...

    The post How to Reduce Your Electric Bill with the Right AC Unit appeared first on North Wind Magazine.

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    A monetary author must have the capacity to produce clear, intelligible duplicate and ask testing questions much like an investigative columnist. The position additionally requests a man who can make mind boggling money related exchanges and wording straightforward for the layman. What does a Financial Writer do? Before we dig into the vital instructive capabilities ...

    The post Mainstream of a monetary author appeared first on North Wind Magazine.

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    Most commercial property owners and office managers will agree that fire protection is one of the key elements of preserving the safety of your employees and of your premises. Fire damage may cost you way more than prevention measures, so you should definitely make fire safety one of your top priorities. Even if you don’t ...

    The post 3 Reasons Why Commercial Properties Need Fire Sprinkler Systems appeared first on North Wind Magazine.

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    Winstrol as a steroid is popularly known synthetic compound that helps in boosting metabolic rate in your body. The drug is mostly used in cutting cycles after completing the usage of potent steroids to retain the gained strength and to shed off the fatty tissues to possess trim and fit figure. Buying the drug doesn’t ...

    The post Know More About the Adverse Health Issues of Misusing Winstrol Steroid appeared first on North Wind Magazine.

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    the choice for a hotel is often affected by some things that run in our minds, even if you do not know what is really running through you. People have expectations for the hotel that they go to. Theyconsidereverything in the perspective of gaining, after all, they will get to spend money in the hotel. ...

    The post What to Consider when Choosing a Hotel appeared first on North Wind Magazine.

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  • 10/14/17--01:25: Exploring California
  • The United States of America is one of the places people are very eager to visit. Over the past few years, the tourism rate of America has increased. Though it is not very easy to enter the United States of America for people from some countries, people from different nations still consider going to the ...

    The post Exploring California appeared first on North Wind Magazine.

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  • 10/14/17--03:54: All About Oil Filled Heaters
  • Oil filled radiator heaters are becoming more and more popular as they are effective, energy efficient and safe to use. So, what is an oil filled heater? Oil filled radiators look like old-fashioned radiators and the only difference is that they are smaller than the former. Do you remember the kind of radiators you see ...

    The post All About Oil Filled Heaters appeared first on North Wind Magazine.

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    London one of the fastest growing cities in the world has got lot of tourist attraction towards it. This is important to make use of better service for achieving profitable solution which can be made simple. There will be any need for getting perfect services which could make your day. These services should be carefully ...

    The post Cost effective cleaner services in London appeared first on North Wind Magazine.

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    Love, attraction, and sexuality come in all shapes and sizes, right? However, you may have a special liking for girls having particular stature.  For example, you might find slim girls more attractive than the curvaceous ones. However, when you browse through the bio-data of the escorts in the online sites, most of them advertise themselves ...

    The post Adding Colors To Your Life With Slim And Attractive Escorts appeared first on North Wind Magazine.

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    Football parties can be a full lot of excitement, but they also need a best deal of planning. Whether you host a big or little gathering, you will have to decide how much area will be important, and you will need to make sure that food, drinks served by cheerleader costume wearing exotic dancers and ...

    The post Football Party Ideas in Chicago Illinois appeared first on North Wind Magazine.

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    Though there is much discussion and research being done to find one, there is currently no existing cure for the disease. However, medication and treatment can control the disease and enable a patient to live a healthy and long life. The HIV virus targets and damages the immune system of an individual. Over the last ...

    The post Understanding HIV/AIDS and Crowdfunding for Treatment appeared first on North Wind Magazine.

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    It has been five years since the engineer and libertarian Ross Ulbricht was arrested in a public library in 2013. Ever since then, this case has been soaked with mixed political agendas, digital rights concerns and Bit coin discrediting. The original Silk Road was perhaps the first market place on the dark web which became ...

    The post Silk Road case is a fight against injustice appeared first on North Wind Magazine.

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    We’ve come to an age where the dream of self-driving cars is becoming a reality as more and more automotive companies work on their own versions of the future of cars on the road. We’ve seen plenty of test videos and practical tests of cars driving themselves; making decisions and dealing with the many obstructions ...

    The post Will Self Driving Cars Affect Modern Racing? appeared first on North Wind Magazine.